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A Power Bank is a portable charger can be charged ahead of time for later telephones, tablets or tablets to energize. It is a helpful device that you can charge your electric gadgets without a power attachment. This is helpful in case you're out and about for instance. A battery of 10400mAh means this battery can give an aggregate charge of 10400mAh at a particular voltage.

  • Telephones

  • Tablet

  • Digital Camera

Intex IT-PBA 10K POLY with 2 USB Output Ports

Power SourceMini USB

In a Power Bank are one or more lithium-ion cells. This lithium-ion cells function much the same as normal rechargeable batteries and charging through a USB connection or through a mostly supplied adapter / cable.

Lightweight Stylish, Intelligent Safety

Charge a number of digital products can also be continuous power supply of digital products for a long time


Protection from Short
Circuit Input

Protection from Overcharge
and Over-discharge

PTC Protective Circuits
for the Cell

Output Overvoltage

Overvoltage Protection

Protection from
Incorrect Insertion.

Protection from
Output Overcurrent


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New Innovation of Air and Light Through USB

Connect the cable for charging your smartphone or tablet to the power bank and he usually starts automatically recharge. In another Power Banks you have to press a button and charging starts.

Intex IT-PBA 10K POLY with Elegant Looks